Shareholder Disputes

Business owners often encounter problems as their companies develop. They may have different visions for the company or may have different ideas about critical issues such as the amount of compensation that should be paid, what expenses are proper and how profits should be distributed. These disputes take on added importance when the shareholders are employees of the company and depend on that employment to earn a living. When the corporation is owned equally by two shareholders or two groups of opposing shareholders, these disputes can lead to deadlock that prevents the company from moving forward. When one shareholder or a group of shareholders controls the corporation, there is the potential that they will use that control to further their own interests at the expense of the minority shareholders. These disputes are especially problematic when the shareholders are family members or friends.

At Neschis & Tolitano, LLC, (Neschis & Tolitano), our lawyers understand the issues faced by owners of closely held companies. We work with business owners during the formation of the company to proactively put in place structures to reduce the likelihood of conflict and to provide means of resolving disputes. Should conflict arise, we attempt to assist our clients in negotiating a resolution that protects their interest. If negotiation is not successful, we aggressively represent our clients' interest in litigation.

Our attorneys are prepared to deal with every potential issue involved in shareholder or partnership disputes, including:

  • Deadlock among directors
  • Oppression of minority shareholders
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Buyout and stock valuation issues
  • Noncompete issues

Often shareholder disputes are resolved through a buyout of shares. In those situations, issues surrounding the valuation of the shares are critical. We understand valuation issues and are able to ensure that our clients' interests are protected in buyout negotiations.

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